TRX 36-Volt Personal Transporter 3-wheel Scooter


The TRX 36-Volt Personal Transporter 3-wheel Scooter is a unique scooter that allows users to stand while riding. It is convenient for commuting, at crowded events for security, on warehouse floors or for recreational purposes. The design of the three-wheel electric scooter features one front wheel with two smaller wheels in the back. One smaller wheel sits between them to increase stability. This scooter offers greater balance, control and maneuverability than a two-wheeled scooter. The vehicle is battery powered and is sold with the charger. The battery lasts for over three charges. With each charge, you can travel for up to 15 miles, and it takes about four to eight hours to recharge the battery each time. This personal transporter scooter is suitable for children and adults. It is intended for riders ages 12 and older.

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<b>TRX 36-Volt Personal Transporter 3-wheel Scooter:</b><br><ul><li>Motor power: 300 watts (two 150 watts motors)</li><li>Max weight capacity: 225 lbs</li><li>Recommended age: 12 and up</li><li>Battery system: 36 volts 7Ah (three 12V batteries)</li><li>Charger included</li><li>Battery life: over 300 charges</li><li>Rated speed: up to 12 MPH</li><li>Range per charge: 15 miles</li><li>Recharge time: 4-8 hours</li><li>Front wheel diameter: 16" air filled tires/aluminum rim</li><li>Rear tires diameter: 8" solid rubber tires</li><li>Shipping weight: 70 lbs</li><li>Net weight: 63 lbs</li><li>Shipping carton size: 32" x 25" x 15"</li><li>Three-wheel electric scooter dimensions: 45" x 23" x 44"</li></ul>


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