One Wheel Auto Balance Monocycle Intelligent System Unicycle

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Maximum-climbing-angle: 20°
Inclined-protection-angle: 45°
Motor: 350 Watt
Tire size: Φ 360mm
Net weight: 10kg
Unit Weight: 12.5kg
Highest speed:About 18Km/hr
Range:About 12-15Km
May vary depending on rider’s weight, road condition and temperature.
Safe climbing angle:About 15°
60kg riders up to 18°
Battery:88.8Wh Lithium
Protection circuit with equilibrium function
Temperature:-10°C ~ 40°C
Best at 10°C ~ 30°C
Capacity:120kg max.
Charger voltage:AC110V-220V 50-60Hz
Charging time:About 1 hour
80% charged in 45mins
Size:Height 450mm,Length 395mm
Largest width 160mm, smallest width 70mm
Safety Alarm:
There are risks driving a vehicle. Auto Balance Vehicle is no exception. Please endure the manual is read and fully understood beforehand and pay extra attention when riding.
DO NOT makes a rapid acceleration or deceleration or over incline forward or leaning backwards.
DO NOT uses an Auto Balance Vehicle when there is an accidental fall. Safety comes first.
Please wear protective garments.
DO NOT uses it on busy roads or crowded streets.
DO NOT uses it on bumpy or rough roads like muddy or pebbled roads.
DO NOT uses it on slopes slanting more than 15 degrees.
DO NOT let children under 12 use it.
We are not taking responsibility for injuries by misuse of this product.
Package Included:
1X Monocycle
1X Charger
2X Supporting wheel
1X Manual

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