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Now MCM4 has two models:
Ordinary version, the fastest speed 30KM/H, the maximum climbing 35 degrees
High speed version, the fastest speed 35-40KM/H, the maximum climbing 28 degrees
If you don’t leave a message on the order. Default is a Ordinary version. If you leave a message HS, send the high speed version.
Select the HS version, please choose a large capacity model. This can guarantee a very fast ride
Recommended a good way, can greatly shorten the time of transport.
Mainly for the United States, europe. Because of the strict control of the balance car.If separate the battery,Can be very smooth through customs. And divide the 2 parts.  unicycle and battery, two pieces of goods. Installation and disassembly simple. So as to Europe as long as a week, to the United States as long as 5 days -7 days.(Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, South Korea, japan. be unacted on.) I will give 2 a tracking number, 1 electric wheelbarrow, 1 batteries. In view of the current European and North America on the strict examination of such products. Delivery time is more than a week before. Possibly later. Please be considerate! If you approve of separation, please note.thank you for your support.
The goods are in urgent production and we are looking forward to your order. Thank you for supporting GOTWAY!!
This price includes shipping charges and taxes!
Free shipping costs: Asia, Europe, Oceania, North america. In other regions, such as Africa and South America, shipping costs need to be increased by $100-200!
On technical support, after sales, and maintenance
When purchasing products appear any problems, I have the responsibility and obligation to provide technical support to the user, material support and other ancillary services. Motor and motherboard, guarantee one year. Battery warranty for half a year. The tyre and shell is consumable, no longer warranty. In the warranty period, the replacement of the material will be provided free of charge! Buyers only need to pay a few of the freight can be. As long as GOTWAY buyer service, to ensure customer service, to prevent being cheated, please look for the GOTWAY sellers ID:green and fashion travaling shop
Gotway all the products of the material I have, including the shell, inside and outside the tires, motherboard, motor, battery, all kinds of wire, pedal, column. I can provide any object. I can also provide a video for technical support for sale, I can actually operate, record into a video. And then give you a reference.
Introduction of new products
Still 14 inches,Maximum speed: 35KM/H, safe speed increase 5km/h.APP speed alarm level up 3km/h. Compared to the previous alarm setting, before 25km/h, the third level of the alarm. Now up to 28km/h! Increase APP system IOS, will be announced later. The increase of MCM4 bright lights, there are 5 modes of the lamp can be switched by a switch button!Electric light. Brake light. Marquee. Running light.Increasing the USB 1.5A charging port.Using 800W motor, torque is greater, climbing more force. We are in the process and make more adjustments. We spent half a year in the 800W’s motor, testing the new program. The new program with the new matching motor, the board is a perfect match. In the temperature, we are on the basis of MCM2S, but also increased the limit of nearly 15 degrees Celsius temperature, basically put an end to the problem caused by temperature!!
Our new product, the first time to remove the MCM4 170WH version, an increase of 130WH version. 75KG’s case, uniform 20km/h
(13-15KM life) 130WH, using 16p SONY 10A/p 2200ma
(26-30KM life) 260WH, using 32P SONY 10A/p 2200ma
(35-38KM life)) 340WH, using 2900ma Panasonic PF 10A/P 32P
(52-55KM life) 520WH, using 2200ma SONY 10A/P 64p
(68-74KM life) 680WH, using 2900ma Panasonic PF 10A/P 64p
The world’s only UC producer using Panasonic electric core!
1. New OMA good quality 800w motor, max 1200w, 30% more torque at the same speed compare to MCM2s (New OMA is the brand name, not sure about the correct spelling)
2. Bluetooth v4.0, compatible w Android and iOS (Finally iOS!)
3. App controllable speed tilting! (Yes!)
4. Decorative LEDs, with Front Light function
5. No exposed screws, pedals made of alloy and anti slip rubber
6. PCB placed on upper part, easier to service
7. high capacity USB charging port
8. Foam protection, not leg disturbing (Hmm, meaning got padding?)
9. Panasonic / Sony batteries
10. Italy-France ST Semi-Conductor MOSFET, high capacity
11. Built in motor connector, easier to service (not sure what is this)
12. Signal Control Soft Switch, One to multiple switch, more reliable
 About shipping
All of the goods sent abroad to go DHL channel,Payment can be arranged on the day of delivery, we are the efficiency of your shopping happy to ensure that the quality of goods and delivery speed!

In some places the remote will choose other shipping companies. Of course, shipping will be defined according to the situation, first of all, please you are aware, this is a large capacity battery shipments, shipping companies in some countries, the shipping in the same transport is not the same, as DHL, some countries have no problem, some countries cannot send


Other cooperation express are: FedEx.TNT, The international special line


In short, please fully believe that we certainly not because of the cost savings, in order to reduce the trouble, responsible for the customer


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