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50%Hot Rod powered unicycle Self balancing electric unicycle scooter wheelbarrow self electric car alone electric skateboard









  • Product name:Electric Scooter


  • Model number:Electric Scooter-3


  • Color:White,Black


  • Loading Capacity:120kg


  • Type:Electric Scooter


  • Apply to:Outdoor


  • Size:14 inch


  • Max Speed:15-18km/h


  • Package:Single Piece


  • Country of origin:China






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Warm prompt:

Before use the unicycle, buyers, please read the unicycle security considerations carefully, avoid accidents due to not familiar with unicycle.Please be careful to use it .

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Please pay attention to it :


Driving steps
Riding electric wheelbarrow total is divided into five steps. Tsai Shen read and follow the instructions to start learning instructions, before the first step has not yet mastered, do not try to step back. This would contribute to a faster, more solid grasp of the basic skills of riding.
1) Grasp the handle with one hand, the electric unicycle upright on the ground, and the two pedals start.
2) Press the power button to turn on the electric power wheelbarrow, then the green light.
3) If it is found there is the red light, do not try to ride.
4) recommended in the direction of the front wheels pull the handle forward and back a few times, feeling the intensity of acceleration and deceleration of the wheel.
Try standing
1) The one station to the corresponding Foot pedals, attention should stand pedals central location for the entire body weight is transferred to the feet.
2) standing body, standing leg better pay attention to control the front and rear electric wheelbarrow balance and leg abutting chassis with soft pedal board.
3) will be the focus gradually shifted to the bird’s foot electric wheelbarrow, the process requires lower leg, foot and motorized wheelbarrow able to form a stable triangular support, otherwise it will be difficult to shift the focus moved to the electric unicycle. In the center of gravity can not be successfully transferred to the electric unicycle on foot to the other foot off the ground for 1-2 seconds before the next step is strongly recommended not to ride.






1) primary forward:
Like riding a bicycle, as most of the focus will shift to electric wheelbarrow, and gently depress the foot pedal forward, feet on the ground while the bird gently back Yi Deng, electric unicycle will walk forward. Like standing on one foot on the step to maintain the action, like electric wheelbarrow, you need to keep riding during the balance of the body, and needs to be bird foot lightly on the ground quickly put another foot board. This step requires at least 3-5 meters can ride.
2) Intermediate front line:
Come this far, it has been basically normal driving electric wheelbarrow up. In this step needs to pay attention to two points: to maintain a certain speed, back to control the speed by leaning forward. Recommended that the process of continuous riding experience, continue to practice in more confidence in the future can keep riding long distances before proceeding.
About turn: a beginner like to rotate the upper body approach to turn, but that action is not effective. By adjusting the intensity of the recommendations about stepping foot to adjust the tilt of the body was left turn, through constant practice, expected to reach the turning effect.
Cycling safety
At this point, believed to have learned how to ride an electric wheelbarrow. However, it is recommended that the vehicle must be in getting to know the basis of performance, not tried to gradually challenge the action. Powered electric wheelbarrow is limited, over the limit will be unable to support the body electric wheelbarrow, leading from the car to fall, so be sure to drive carefully.



Recommended for beginners
Prepare before use
When you want to start the first time the use of electric wheelbarrow, try wearing comfortable casual or sportswear, and wearing flat shoes, forbidden to wear open-toed shoes! The electric wheelbarrow to carry to a more open place, and ensure that no significant obstacles flat ground.



The key issue

1, younger than 18 or greater than 45 years old at the time of use for beginners need someone beside assisted learning.
2. Make sure the battery is fully charged before use, tires inflated properly.
3, do not attempt to drive before yet familiar faster speed.
4, self-balancing electric unicycle limited range, remember that prohibit rapid acceleration or rapid deceleration!
5, you can find a wall or fence, etc. to help balance, if they are not, they can find a friend standing beside. In aid of the outside world, you can stand on the electric unicycle, leaning forward to make use of electric wheelbarrow to move forward slowly, become familiar with the feeling of riding, and gradually reduce dependence on aid until completely without aid.
Points to note
When the initial use of electric unicycle for beginners can learn to assist with product suite within as an important tool.
Auxiliary strap can help beginners avoid operating unfamiliar, which will cause an electric wheelbarrow out of control in use.
Replacement tires
1. Replace the tires when needed hexagonal screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver.
2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen all the screws out of the cover (including the screw on the handle), while there are seven each.
3. pedals following six screws on each side, loosen the power switch on the other side within six hex screws. Note: Never twist the hex bolts side power switch.
4. When unscrewed the screws as the axis flip lid with handle until the demolition of the tire casing without prejudice. There are some areas in the grip wire, be careful not to pull off these wires. So that you can replace and repair tubeless tires.
5. When the end of the repair, the cover to its original position, and tighten the screws.

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